Chef Gilles Epié

Rockstar Chef

Chef Gilles Epié is known as the “Rockstar Chef” for his many culinary achievements, including being the youngest chef in the world at age 22 to ever receive a Michelin Star. He additionally earned a Michelin Star rating at two other restaurants in Paris.

As a French chef and television personality, Chef Epié brings his passion, skills and experience to the next level. He now leads the culinary team as Executive Chef at L’Avant-Garde, a Paris-style gastronomic restaurant in Georgetown, Washington, DC.

“Born in France, made in America…my passion for food has driven me to become the chef I am today.”

Chef Gilles Epie


Born in Nantes, France, Chef Gilles Epié started training at the age of 14 alongside iconic chefs Roger Jaloux at Paul Bocuse restaurant and Alain Senderens at Lucas Carton. After traveling the world to study global cuisine, he returned to Paris where he made an early name for himself as one of the youngest chefs to earn a Michelin Star. After joining Francois Clerc at La Vieille Fontaine-Maison Lafitte as Executive Chef, together they earned a second Michelin Star.

In 1995, Chef Epié left France to explore American cuisine and in 1996 was voted Best New Chef by Food & Wine magazine as he transformed L’Orangerie in Los Angeles with his gastronomic light French fare. Here, he catered birthday celebrations for both Frank Sinatra and Sophia Loren, and cooked dinners for Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford, along with numerous notables including heads of state, politicians and A-list celebrities.

Over the years, Gilles Epié has worked as a chef at prestigious restaurants including Miravile, Paris (owner) and La Petite Cour, Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Paris. He has owned, operated and managed several successful restaurants internationally, including as owner/Executive Chef of Citrus Étoile restaurant in Paris with his wife, actress Elizabeth Epié, from 2005 to 2017. It was selected as a member of the Châteaux & Hotels Collection—Tables Remarquables, is included in Alain Ducasse’s book, J’aime Paris and listed as a “must visit” new Paris restaurant in 2006. In 2006, Condé Nast Traveller named it as one of the Top 100 Hot Restaurants in the World.

Chef Epié’s culinary talents were also on display at his Parisian-style gastronomic restaurant Frenchy’s at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, as Corporate Executive Chef at Juvia in Miami Beach, Florida, and as Culinary Director and Executive Chef at Gilles@Montage Beverly Hills which featured his unique blend of French and Californian cuisines. Chef Epié is known for his rich bold tastes he creates without butter or cream, using the pure and simple way of cooking with steam to bring out the flavors of the finest products.

Next, Chef Epié was off to Hawaii to reopen Oahu’s The Turtle Bay Resort after a $250 million display renovation, with rave reviews for matching his talent to the island flavors.

Since 2022, Epié has worked as Executive Chef of L’Avant-Garde, a modern French gastronomic restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Elizabet and Chef Gilles Epie

Beloved Television Personality

Gilles Epié and his wife Elizabeth starred in two seasons of Dans La Vraie D’un Grand Chef (In the Real Life of a Top Chef), a French reality show produced by Canal+/Cuisine+ (2013-2014). And in 2015, he filmed twenty 30-minute episodes of his cooking show Un Frenchy en Cuisine (A Frenchy in the Kitchen), airing on Canal+. In addition, he served as the expert food correspondent for the BBC (2010-2016) and on a panel of judges for Israel’s Iron Chef 2008.